About Level UP

Level UP is an opportunity for teens and young adults who have been impacted by foster care to come together to learn, grow, and, well, level up! 

 Begin the day by meeting our special guest Judge Caprio! After meeting our special guest we will then begin with an activity to figure out what your strengths are and what you're good at. From there, you'll go to different workshops and activities depending on your interests, where you can hear about how to get the most out of high school, how to survive college, and how to make it on your own once you're out in the real world. 

We'll feed you breakfast and lunch (for free!) and you have the chance to win prizes and join us for wrap party with music and ice cream. 

About Youth Futures Council

Youth Futures Council was formed by Adoption Rhode Island to bring business, education, philanthropic, and community leaders together to partner to offer a path to a better future for young people impacted by foster care.

About Adoption Rhode Island

Adoption Rhode Island is a non-profit agency with a mission to create safety, belonging and permanency for adopted and foster children, vulnerable youth, and families through compassionate services, advocacy, and education.